During a year of worldwide struggle, we found ourselves in the incredibly fortunate position to be working with amazing clients while seeing a great deal of expansion within our own company. 

Growing faster than ever, we found that our name, Limn, could no longer grow with us. It did not convey the purpose our agency was built on since day one; working with great people building meaningful things. Limn has treated us well since our inception, but in a year focused around so much change, we felt we needed to embrace some of our own. 

So, allow us to reintroduce ourselves: we are Anyday

Organizations of all sizes come to us to help start something new or change what already exists, and this energy and motivation absolutely stems from the sense of possibility. The possibility of growing a team. The possibility of building a company. The possibility of helping change the world. Our job as a digital product and brand company is to help actualize that sense of possibility through collaboration and a deep understanding of vision.

In a world of “We’ll get to it someday”, Anyday is the promise of possibility. 

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