We could show you pictures of all our pretty faces & roles within our company, and tell you how long we’ve been around (not that long really).

Instead, we feel it’s more important that you leave this page understanding what our real values & beliefs are as a creative agency in 2020. What it is that we really stand for, in ourselves and the people/companies we are proud to call our partners & friends.

We’re always learning, but here’s what we know so far:

All good products and brands require an immense amount of thoughtfulness

These ^^ should be built for timelessness and longevity, whether the product is digital or made of stone

We believe a good agency doesn’t just take a product from point A to point B, but instead helps direct & effectively impact its journey along the way

We believe in helping deserving people & companies actualize their business goals & help them create new ones

Always Be Closing is a bastardization of good business

Aesthetics affect customer experiences and sales

We believe our partners should be good people doing good things, who are interesting, kind and humble

Simple design is the most complicated

Diversity in people and culture, thus ideas, is an irreplaceable asset

Nothing beats out the importance of a calm and happy team

They act as our partner and aren’t just taking our orders and executing them. They take more initiative with us and suggest trying more unorthodox things. We trust them and like that they take strong leadership on our design processes. They are one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.

Limn is impressive in their versatility, communication, and resourcefulness. They offer smart and useful solutions and their ability to adapt to our specific needs and requests was impressive and appreciated.

Many companies can create top level work but not many companies do it with a passion for the work. Limn’s passion and love is represented in their work.

At the time of our rebrand, we only had one location. Seven years later, we’ve grown to six locations, outgrown two of them, and have seen our sales increase exponentially each year. We credit their rebrand with that success.

okay, okay, here are some of our pretty faces:

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