In our early years as freelance designers we consistently found that after completing a website or branding project, clients would inevitably attempt to update their site or incorporate their logo into a new format on their own. And everytime it seemed to fail, in turn damaging the company’s brand identity and to some extent, our reputation as designers.

So we came up with a new model. Rather than one off design contracts with clients, we wanted to create meaningful partnerships, cultivating an environment of lucid and consistent communication between designer and business, ensuring that the brand or website we had created remained visually cohesive as it developed, grew and shifted. As a small firm, being selective in who we choose to work with allows us to act as an in-house design team without all of the overhead costs of having one. Let us help build your story, and to help continue telling that story.



Logo and Identity
Print and Packaging

web & interactive design

Website Design
Web Application Design
Content Architecture

monthly brand management

Digital Design
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Danny Elkhoury

Creative Director

Vincent Pagé

Director of Design

Jonathan Jamil

Brand Director

Olivia Iaboni

Sr. Designer

Philippe Pagé

Sr. Designer

Jordon Bailey

Sr. Photographer