Conversion Driven Design

Whatever actions you want users to complete, conversion-driven design gets you there. In creating the architecture of your digital product, we not only focus on what looks great, but also what drives clicks, engagement, and results that align with your key performance indicators.

UX Wireframing & Protyping

Our wireframes and prototypes are built on insights gathered during research, and fine-tuned to validate concepts with both users and project managers.

User Interface Design

Here’s where we combine the research, conversion-driven architecture and the unique elements of your brand to create a visual interface that’s equal parts beautiful and purposeful.

Brand Identity Design

Let’s get personal. From your style guide and digital content to your copy and visual identity, we create a brand that’s unmistakably you.


Front End Development

Our team of full stack developers are at the forefront of web design, and pride themselves on building secure, speedy websites that are made to last. (While driving engagement and conversions, too.)

Web Applications

They help you connect, engage, interact. They solve all your complex business problems. Web applications can do a lot for your business, and our team of experts are fluent in all modern web frameworks. We have the know-how to tackle these projects, to offer a seamless experience across all devices.


Whatever platform you’re comfortable with, we’re comfortable with it too. We work with all major eCommerce platforms to ensure a successful buyer journey for your customer, from that initial click all the way to checkout.

Software Integrations

You rely on certain software to handle important aspects of your business – we understand that. Our software architects use modern tools to effectively integrate your existing ERP, CRM, CMS, and payment solutions with any new products we build.

Content Management Systems

For content management, there’s no one size fits all. At Limn, we work with you to find a solution that’s best for your company. From WordPress and Drupal to Adobe and SiteCore, our team is able to integrate all systems and provide ongoing support for a secure, performance-driven, scalable environment.

Cloud Infrastructure & Database Architecture

Our cloud architects advise on, design, and deploy environments to support even your most demanding solutions and applications, keeping scalability and security always in mind.


Market Research

As a first step, we want to know your business inside and out. Who are you (really)? Where do you fit within your market? Once we’re properly acquainted, we can gear our designs to target your existing and future audience with scalability in mind.

Persona Research

If you design for a hypothetical customer, a hypothetical customer is what you’ll get. It’s far better to research real customers – to conduct interviews and build out detailed user personas. At Limn, we put hard work into persona research so we can give you designs for an audience of
actual humans.

User Journeys

Based on our detailed market and persona research, we plot out the users’ journey. How will they move through your website? And what motivates them to keep going? (These are the kind of questions we keep on sticky notes above our computers.)

User Interaction Analysis

Using heat-mapping allows us to understand the core desires and actions of users on your site by tracking and recording every click, tap and scroll, illustrating their motivations while viewing your content.

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