We learned, designed it beautiful, and now it’s time to build. Our expert team of developers translates your designs into a nearly tangible, entirely scalable digital tool and website that you can take into the future to continue to grow and drive business.

Front End Development

We have a team of full stack developers that are focused on building a cohesive web presence that illustrates your brand and vision, while driving engagement and conversions.

Web Applications

Sometimes a company may need more than a website. Web Applications often provide solutions to complex business problems, and our team of experts who are fluent in all modern web frameworks have the know how to tackle these projects, offering a seamless experience across all devices.


In building out an eCommerce experience, our team prescribes and puts to practice a platform that makes sense for your brand, audience, and scalability. We design custom solutions and websites across all major eCommerce platforms and our eCommerce strategies are put in place to ensure a successful buyer journey for your customer, from initial visit all the way to checkout.

Software Integrations

We understand your business may be using software to handle important aspects of your organization. Our software architects use modern tools to effectively integrate your existing ERP, CRM, CMS, and payment solutions with any new products we build.

Content Management Systems

For content management, there’s no one size fits all. At Limn, we’re positioned to advise you on a solution that works best for your company. From WordPress and Drupal, to Adobe and SiteCore, our team is able to integrate all systems and provide ongoing support for a secure, performance-driven and scalable environment.

Cloud Infrastructure & Database Architecture

We’re digital people. Our cloud architects advise on, design, and deploy environments to support your most demanding solutions and applications with scalability and security at the forefront of everything we do.

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