Research & Strategy

You’re building a new digital product or website. The most important element of success in doing so is truly understanding who you are designing for, what the product aims to achieve, and why you are building this product. Without a solid research base you’re stuck searching for a light switch in the dark.

Market Research

By spending time getting to know you, your company and where exactly it fits within your market, we gear our design to properly target your existing and future audience with scalability in mind.

Persona Research

Conducting interviews with and researching existing customers, we build out user personas that allow us to design for an actual audience rather than for the intangible “perfect customer” that does not exist.

User Journeys

Based on all of our research of your market and user personas, we plot out goals along the users’ journey through your website to truly understand not only how they will move through the site, but why they do.

User Interaction Analysis

Our heat-mapping tool allows us to understand the core desires and actions of users on your site by tracking and recording every click, tap and scroll, illustrating their motivations while viewing your content.

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