Oath Essentials

Oath is exactly the type of project we love to take on. The founder came to us almost directly after conception of his business and needed everything from a name, to a logo, to a website to a strategy. Building products from the ground up is always the most satisfying because we have creative control from the beginning, allowing us to maintain a cohesive visual and tonal language for the brand. We really loved working on this company that helps reduce waste by selling environmentally friendly products direct to consumers.

A name is easily one of the most important facets of a brand. It tells the story, the idea, the vision, in only a word or two. With Oath we spent a long time digging into the WHY of what the founder was doing. Beyond making money, why was he building this product? What greater value does it have? Why should anyone care? After delving in we decided that the goal, the true nature of his vision, was that he wanted to make a promise (an oath) to help protect the planet by reducing waste. So Oath was born. The logo was designed with this sentiment in mind, stretching the arm of the “t” over the other letters as a symbol of protection.