PriceMate Pay

Pricemate Pay is a Financial Tech startup that wants to position itself in competition with Stripe and Wave for backend B2B payments, and they approached us requiring a brand and updated User Interface screens for their web app. We decided to build a brand that could translate into a sleek interface, creating cohesion between the two and allowing high levels of clarity for a fairly complex product.

We needed to build out an icon that was smart and simple that conveys a sense of what service Pricemate provides. The double arrows that come together to build out an abstract “P” are meant to signify transaction.

The solid simplicity of the P allows it to stand out on something as small as an app icon or as large as a billboard.

Designing effective screens for this digital product started out as a challenge. How do we take something with high levels of complexity and boil it down into something that the user can intuitively understand and move through with as few barriers as possible?

Our User Experience team focused a lot of time and energy understanding the user goals, then we started to build the process. After testing and further research, we had a strategy and setup that worked. From there, all we had to do was make it visually striking and the product was ready for launch.